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Change of Email Address Application Form 会员更改邮箱申请表格


Kindly fill in the details below. Check all of the details entered are correct on your application form before submit. 请详细填写此申请表格,




Applicant Particulars 申请人资料填写:

Front page ID card


Name as per ID Card 身份证姓名:_______________________


ID card No 身份证号码:_______________________________


Member ID 会员账号:________________________________

Only clear copy to be accepted

Email address 原邮箱:________________________________

New Email address 新邮箱: _____________________________


Mobile No 手机号:___________________________________


TPT Address 双涡轮平台网址:_________________________






I hereby request company to approve change of email address, I guarantee the details submitted are true and correct, if any false found, I agree to bear the responsibility and all the legal consequences thereof 本人请求公司批准更改邮箱,本人所提交的个人资料属实无


误,如有虚报, 我愿承担相应的法律责任。


Signature 签名: ______________________Date 日期:______________________________




TPT System Leader Particulars 双涡轮系统领导人资料填写:


Name as per ID Card 身份证姓名:___________________________Member ID 会员账号:____________________________


Email address 邮箱:_____________________________________Mobile No 手机号:_________________________


I guarantee all the above particulars are true and correct. If any false found, I agree to bear the responsibility and all the legal consequences thereof 本人担保,以上申请人及推荐人资料属实,并授权执行。如有虚报, 我愿承担相应的法律责任。


Signature 簽名:_______________________Date 日期:______________________________


Note: The Guarantor must be System Leader or Authorized Guarantor. (注:担保人必须是系统领导人或授权担保人)



The Company reserves the rights to obtain your personal data which will be kept confidential and you hereby acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the conditions under this statement on Personal Data Protection Act 2010 governed by the laws of Malaysia. You should provide an accurate and complete information to the company. Pursuant to the PDPA 2010, a person who intentionally or arbitrarily modify, peeping, steal, bribery, force or using any other impropriate way to obtain personal data of the rights owner, or disclose illegally, using or allowing others to control that affects the owner’s loss shall pursue legal responsibility of relevant person in accordance with the law.


本公司将有权获得您的个人资料并将严格保密。您必须提供正确与完整的资料并同意您已读取此表格是由“2010 年个人资料保护法令” 生效。根据“此法令”“如有任何人随意或有意修改他人的“个人资料”、偷窥,盗窃、利诱、胁迫或者其他不正当手段获取权利人的个人资料,或者非法披露、使用或者允许他人使用其所掌握的或获取的个人资料,给个人资料的权利人造成重大损失的行为。”实属违法行为、抵触和违反“该法令”条例,依法可以进行治安处罚和属于刑事案,必定追究法律责任。诺”此法令“声明的英文版本和其它版本有翻译偏差,则应以英文版本适用为准。


Operating Personnel (操作人姓名) :_______________ Department/ Position (部門/職位) :___________________


Operating Personnel Signature (操作人簽名) :___________________


Head of Department Signature (主管簽名): _______________________ Date 日期:_________________________



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1. Grace Generation Information Technology Sdn. Bhd. (Hereby stated as the “company”) respects your concern about privacy and va lues the relationship we have with you.


2. This statement is issued pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 governed by the laws of Malaysia and it represents the company’s policy with regards to the collection, usage, processing and disclosure of your personal data.


3. The company will collect and process your personal data for purpose, including, without limitation, to communicate with you, provide services to you and respond to your enquiries or complaints.


4. Your personal data will be kept confidential and secure. In case sensitive, please ensure that your personal data is completely and accurately provided to us. If you do not consent to our policy, we will not be able to effectively render services to you.


5. Any form submitted to the company shall NOT be accepted with the following conditions:


(a) Changes and revision from the original format and/or deleting the content from the form.


(b) Form without company’s title and corporate identity. (c) Form with amendment, graffiti or correction liquid. (d) Form with incomplete or inaccurate information.

(e) Form with vague or unclear information in writing or photographs.


6. The types of personal data you may provide includes:


(a) Contact information (such as name, email address and mobile or other phone numbers), NRIC no., date of birth, gender and any other personal information.


(b) Content you provide (such as photographs and comments).


7. The company reserves the right to revise the conditions under these statements on “Privacy and Personal Data Policy 2010” from time to time and any material revision will be communicated to you through the official announcement. You shall be deemed to have agreed t o such revision(s) without objection if you do not withdraw your consent on the usage, storage, processing and disclosure of your personal data.


8. By providing your personal data and signing this application form, you hereby acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the conditions under this statement on “Privacy and Personal Data Policy 2010”


9 This Privacy and Personal Data statement is issued in both Mandarin and English version. In the event of any inconsistencies or discrepancies between the Mandarin version and the English version, the English version shall prevail.




1. 恩典時代信息科技有限公司(“本公司”)尊重您的隱私權,從而重視我們與客戶的關系。


2. 根據 2010 年個人資料保護法發布此聲明。“該法令”列明了本公司的政策和程序,對於您個人資料及您同意本公司對您的資料的使用及處理方面如下文所載。


3. 本公司將收集並處理您的個人資料,目的包括但不限於,與您溝通,為您提供服務和為您的咨詢或投訴處理。


4. 您的個人資料將會嚴密保管。本公司要求您必須提供完整和正確的個人資料,如有提供未屬實資料,本公司將不會為您處理服務。


5. 以下情況的表格提交將不會被本公司接收與處理:


(a) 已被修改或刪除格式的表格


(b) 未有公司名和標志


(c) 涂鴉、劃線或刪除的痕跡


(d) 不真實或不完整資料


(e) 模糊字眼或任何照片


6. 您所提供的個人資料包括:


(a) 聯絡資料(列如姓名,郵箱地址,手機或其他電話號碼),身份証號碼,出身日期,性別及其他個人資料。 (b) 您提供的內容列如照片與意見。


7. 由於適用法律及法規的修改,本公司保有權利根據“個人資料隱私政策”的聲明隨時修訂條款並透過官方公告中心向您傳達。如果您沒有撤銷本公司使用,保持,處理您個人信息同意,您將被視為無異議並已同意此修訂。


8. 在您向本公司提供您的個人資料與簽署此申請書或表格時,即表明您已閱讀,理解並同意依據 “個人資料隱私政策”聲明的條款。


9. 若此個人資料隱私聲明的英文版本和中文版本有翻譯偏差,則應以英文版本適用為准。


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